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Frequently Asked Questions *copy for later*

Your Order

We are currently only offering shipping within the United States. We hope to soon offer shipping internationally!

Because our products are typically handmade to order to ensure freshness, please allow anywhere from 3-7 business days to process your order. From there, your product should arrive anywhere within 3-10 business days! As soon as your product ships, you’ll receive a shipment notification email with a tracking number & you can track it from there!

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee shipping within this timeframe due to the post office experiencing delays with COVID-19.

If you’re not happy with your order, please email us at hello@youmedreams.com. We accept all returns/exchanges as long as items have NOT been opened.

Absolutely! Please email wholesale@youmedreams.com with details about where you’d like to place our products.

The Products

Think of an intention you’d like to see manifest into your life, and intend that by using our product, it will help you manifest it into your life!

Please check packaging for the estimate on how long your product will last to it’s best quality.

To prevent any change in quality for our products, we recommend that you please avoid getting water in the product. Soaks especially since we do not use any preservatives!

Additionally, please make sure lids are screwed on properly after every use to avoid your product getting dried out.

We are proud to say that we do not use any synthetic preservatives! Though, we do sometimes use Leucidal, a natural preservative that is created with fermented radishes, to ensure freshness in our scrubs.

We source premium organic ingredients whenever possible. All organic ingredients are noted on product pages. 

If not organic, we try our best to ensure that they are at least 100% pure.

Yes, and yes!

Absolutely! We actually encourage you to please reuse or recycle our packaging. Our intention for using primarily glass containers was for the absolute reason that you could reuse or recycle our packaging! :-)

We know that there are many other similar products and brands out there that use synthetic cheap ingredients. YouMe Dreams is a brand that cares about your wellbeing! Our products reflect the cost of our premium quality ingredients, and the labor it takes to handmake your product in small batches with love! Thank you so much for your support.

The Soul

YouMe Dreams believes in the philosophy: “Your dreams are my dreams & my dreams are your dreams.” We create premium products that are catered towards Ritualized Wellness.

We hope that our products help you feel good, and raise your vibration. Through your investment in us, we hope our products help you in manifesting your absolute dream life!

Ritualized Wellness is all about creating a ritual with set intentions through focusing our attention on our overall health & wellness - body, mind, soul & spirit.

We knew that we wanted to create a brand that stood for acts of self-love through mindful intentionality. Through this, can we truly embody our best-selves! And what better way to describe rituals & wellness than A Ritualized Wellness Company ;)

Yes - we believe that everything is energy. Because our products are high vibrational, our products can help uplift your energy to draw in those that we desire. We have had multiple customers say that after using our product, their intention had manifested into reality. You are the creator! Our products just help ;)

Absolutely! We first clear our crystals with smoke from ethically sourced and harvested sage, and then charge them under the moon under the soaks specific intent.

Tachyon is a subatomic particle that is faster than the speed of light. Although, it is currently just a scientific theory and cannot be seen, does not mean it cannot be felt!

Click here for more information on Tachyon.

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